We offer Picote coating services that extend the life of an existing pipe. The new smooth inner surface increases the flow inside the pipe and minimizes the risk of clogging, resulting in the safety of your pipe for 30-50 years.


We obstruct toilets, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen sinks and water tanks with the most advanced technology machines. We use high pressure water equipment jetting machines and guarantee the best immediate solution.


The specialized staff of our company and the modern equipment we provide, can serve the needs for better cleaning and maintenance of the culverts. FCDB Mavroudis Ltd, with its long experience as well as the latest trucks of the latest technology such as Jetting, guarantees the best results.


With the use of tankers, we undertake the evacuation of your septic tank, quickly, odorlessly and quietly. The special vacuum pumps that are equipped with our company’s tanker trucks, block the diffusion of unpleasant odors during the evacuation process. FCDB Mavroudis Ltd undertakes deep water pumping.


We disinfect with the ultimate goal of destroying pathogenic microorganisms on objects, tools and surfaces, with chemicals or natural methods. We sterilize surfaces with natural or chemical means to destroy all microorganisms including germs. The difference between sterilization and disinfection is that in sterilization the whole object is released from infectious agents while in disinfection a large part of it.


Testing pipes with closed circuit television (CCTV) methods is the most efficient way to diagnose problems and prevent possible damage and assess the condition of piping systems. Instead of digging and breaking floors and walls, our company’s latest cameras can enter the pipeline, detect any damage that needs to be repaired, and then our staff may suggest the appropriate solutions.


We spray in order to get rid of cockroaches, rodents, bedbugs and insects from your area. Insects and rodents are known to cause serious health problems in the human body. Rodents also infect food by transmitting parasites and diseases, and bed bugs can be carried by luggage and clothing, causing various skin allergies. FCDB Mavroudis Ltd is registered with the Ministry, holds all the necessary licenses and all chemicals used are approved by the Ministry of Agriculture.


FCDB Mavroudis Ltd, has the latest technology equipment which in combination with the specialized staff offers guaranteed results for the complete cleanliness of pumping stations where wastewater and rainwater are collected. Sewage and rainwater cause the accumulation of debris on the walls and bottom, which can create blockages in the pipes, blockages in the floats, corrosion of pumps and engines, but also the creation of pathogenic microorganisms with the risk of infectious diseases. Among other things, obstructing the proper operation of a pumping station, even for a few minutes, can cause serious problems and sometimes irreparable damage.

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