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Our Services

Drain Obstructions

We obstruct toilets, sinks, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, and water tanks with the most advanced technology machines. We use high-pressure water equipment jetting machines and guarantee the best immediate solution.

picote coating

Picote Coating

We offer Picote coating services that extend the life of an existing pipe. The new smooth inner surface increases the flow inside the pipe and minimizes the risk of clogging, resulting in the safety of your pipe for 30-50 years.

septic ventricles and absorbents

Septic Ventricles and Absorbents Cleaning

With the use of tankers, we undertake the evacuation of your septic tank, quickly, odorless, and quietly. The special vacuum pumps that are equipped with our company’s tanker trucks, block the diffusion of unpleasant odors during the evacuation process. FCDB Mavroudis Ltd undertakes deep water pumping.

cctv inspections

CCTV Inspections

Testing pipes with closed-circuit television (CCTV) methods are the most efficient ways to diagnose problems and prevent possible damage and assess the condition of piping systems. Instead of digging and breaking floors and walls, our company’s latest cameras can enter the pipeline, detect any damage that needs to be repaired, and then our staff may suggest the appropriate solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with Drains and Sewers

How do I know if my drains are blocked?

If your drain is blocked you will usually know because your waste will stop going away when you flush the toilet, or gullies outside will overflow. There will also probably be a smell around drains and inspection chambers. If none of your neighbors are affected then the likelihood is that your drain is blocked. If your neighbors are also affected it is likely that there is a problem with the sewer.

What shall I do if my drains are blocked?

Responsibility for the clearance of blockages in and repairs to private drains usually lies with the property owner. Check first to see if you are covered by any insurance schemes you may have. If you cannot clear the blockage yourself, you can contact a specialist drainage contractor or plumber to clear the drain and/or carry out any repairs.

What shall I do if there is a blocked or defective sewer?

If your problem relates to a drainage issue on a neighboring property that is not being dealt with, officers of the Council may be able to investigate and refer the matter to the appropriate agency or take enforcement action where appropriate

Most of the time, pipes and equipment that will not be the responsibility of the Local Authority include:

  • Water supply pipes within your property boundary.
  • Existing surface water sewers that do not drain to a public sewer.
  • Privately owned sewage treatment works and pipes connected to them.
  • Privately owned septic tanks and cesspits.

However, if you experience a problem with any of these, we may be able to offer advice or help by calling us at (+357) 99468873


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